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8th June 2009

9:23pm: So here's some real talk. I'm not going to be blogging on LiveJournal anymore. Yes, LJ has some robust features and excellent friend and community controls. I'm leaving all that behind. I have started a new blog over at http://chocoincognito.tumblr.com/. I don't expect any of you to read it, and you might be offended if you do. Feel free to try it out, though!

While here on LJ, I kept up with friends. I posted to get comments. I wanted people to care about my life and what happened in it when I decided to post. That's got to stop. Since when do we really believe it's a good choice to work for other people before ourselves? I'm not here to please anyone. I want to please myself. I want to write for myself and feel like I'm truly expressing myself to the fullest without worrying about someone posting a condescending remark. I don't want to post about other bloggers and start drama. I want to do something for me.

On this new blog, there will be no way to comment on my posts. They're my posts, not a forum post. If you want to talk to me about anything, you should already know my AIM name. If not, it's on the left side of the page. I'll still sometimes come back and read some posts, but don't expect much from me. Thanks.

31st December 2008

4:38pm: I love Mice Parade. They are my favorite band. I have all of their albums on CD aside from Ramda, which is out of print. I recommend anyone who wants some really mellow, groovy, and deep music to listen to try out this band.

Unfortunately, you'll have to settle for piracy for now. Page for torrent discography (which they're missing the self-titled album, but whatever) is here: http://tinyurl.com/9b5m98

For a taste of what's in store for you if you want to get this music, check this track: http://www.imeem.com/people/SsGOi-/music/4jM91v54/mice_parade_out_of_the_freedom_world/

And if you like this stuff, buy his albums! I mean it! :3c

4th November 2008

5:56am: It's 5:57 AM. My polling location opens at 6 AM. Time to start walking and put this black guy in office!

15th October 2008

4:25pm: I got fired from my 2wire job. I'll say it loud and clear here on the internet. Jeff Kulas, the supervisor for staging, fired me for purely personal reasons, thus hurting the company by firing a competent and well-performing employee, plus wasting company money on employee training. 2Wire is a excellent company, but I fully intend to contact 2Wire's corporate offices soon to make a formal complaint.

Currently unemployed. Oh god, I need a job so bad.

I made a new AMV. I've been working on it for months, but only just finished it. Here's a HQ YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HvR8DGsLHg&fmt=18. Please comment here or on YouTube, pass the video to your friends, etc. Critique is welcome as always.

--EDIT-- Jen has had problems playing the above link, SO, here is a direct download link to the HQ version of the video: http://instantairdash.com/files/Choco-Consequences.avi
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9th September 2008

5:25am: I'm here on one of my laptops, eating delicious homemade broccoli and cheese soup that I made with Mari's help, relaxing a bit before I get dressed and go to work again. I haven't been working for the past four months, so this much regulation in my life is certainly welcome, but I'm still not used to it.

I am currently working for 2Wire. They make DSL modem/router combos for AT&T and other DSL providers. I think they have an excellent product, and that is going to help a lot when it comes to supporting the product. Nothing is more convincing than true faith in the product. So I'll be doing phone support and walkthroughs for customers with these products. The metrics I'll have to follow don't seem too bad, there won't be as many calls as GoDaddy if I playa my cards right, and I can even leave early on a lot of days by taking "Early Release", effectively meaning that I can turn this full time job with benefits into a part time job with benefits. I figure I can work 2-3 full days per week and go home early on the other days. Shit's gonna be so cash.

Currently, I'm in my second week of training and passed the hire-on exam with a 98.99%. So close to a perfect score, urgh. I WANTED IT SO BAD. :|

Even though I was worn out yesterday and had to sleep at 8:40 PM so I could wake up at 5 AM, I am very happy with my life :3 I have my first girlfriend, who I most likely will end up marrying, I have a loving cat next to me who will be with me for at least another decade, I have delicious food, and a job I don't think I'll hate. I have hope in my life :3

23rd August 2008

5:46am: There are times when I hate living in this house. I don't hate my housemates, I don't hate the people who come over... but there is literally no escape from the noise. If I'm not exhausted enough to pass out right away, a single laugh bleeding through my walls to my room will throw my brain back into being completely awake. Any sound that doesn't belong does the same thing.

This usually isn't a problem, but now that it is weekend, there are people staying over and not sleeping. I tried to sleep four hours ago but couldn't. I tried 15 minutes ago but couldn't. It doesn't help that I slept too much the day before which is coming back to haunt me now, but I can't even make the effort. I'm going out with Mari in a few hours and I'd love to be more rested while I'm with her :|

If I happen to decide to stay in this city for quite a long time, I may purchase a townhome and rent out a room to help with the costs. Paying very little to live in a house is great, but it's horrible dealing with unexpected noise that isn't loud enough for me to yell at people about. I need more stress in my life. It'll make it easier to sleep at night.

14th August 2008

2:11pm: Since the birth of YouTube, there have been a lot of viral video sites popping up to try to challenge its throne. While most of these sport better features than YouTube, YouTube simply has a lead that cannot be overcome.

However, in Japan, there is a video sharing site that, somehow, has a huge cult status much like *chan sites in the US and Japan. Nico Nico Douga separates itself from a normal video sharing site by allowing comments to be viewed streaming across the video itself, something much more interactive and impacting than YouTube's bland comment system.

Unfortunately, the site is completely in Japanese, making it hard for English speakers to find videos or even sign up for an account to view anything. I've learned to navigate pretty well, and have a few gems to share with you. You'll need a media player that can play .FLV files for this (like Media Player Classic), and a sense of humor :V These may not make sense because they're almost completely in Japanese, but I know there are some of you out there who know enough to at least find this stuff funny. These videos are "MAD"s, which are the Japanland equivalent to AMVs. As with any AMV, spoilers are to be expected :V

Final Fantasy VI Boss Battle theme with Death Note animation :V

Anpanman audio (kids anime) with Death Note animation :V

A Touhou song with YuGiOh animation

All of these are extremely erratic and random, and I don't know how many of you will enjoy them... BUT DANG I FIND THEM PRETTY FUNNEE

27th July 2008

1:02am: While I refuse to "tag" anyone else with this 20 questions quiz/meme, I looked it over and decided I wouldn't mind filling it out myself. It's not like I have anything except mushy lovey stuff to talk about, anyway. I'll spare you have that and deliver it straight to Mari.

Though I will say I'm really bored and lonely now that she's in Mexico until the beginning of August. Days are a crawl, and I'm having problems filling up the time in these days. Anyways, random questions answered behind the cut. If you actually want to know more about me, click :o

20 question, bet you can't guess what I have in mindCollapse )
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3rd July 2008

1:19am: People often forget the true meaning behind their actions. It's a sad consequence of the world that we live in, the society that we "thrive" in. As a simple example, people pet a cat because it's fun to put the furry little thing. They don't think to themselves, "I should pet the cat in such a manner that it feels really good", they just pet the cat. It's the consideration of the cat's feelings that make the difference in this situation.

Understanding this allows us to open up and broaden our understanding or the world and how we handle our choices. This, my friends, is "metagame". Metagame allows us to see a world as a more fascinating place. We can accept that everything in the world is simple cause and effect, but metagame allows us to identify and control resulting chain reactions. Because of this, having good metagame for games, people, work, or life in general allows for a much more lively daily experience.

Metagame is troublesome, sometimes. I'm currently in a tough situation with my girlfriend. While I have no complaints with her, her family is posing a huge problem to our relationship, from bad parenting to horrible and abusive siblings. The metagame here is to spend time with the girl while staying on the family's good side so they don't do anything stupid and/or selfish. I, as some may know, am getting old plus angry. An angry oldfag. I'm old enough to have the mental authority to tell even middle aged and old people how things really are, and angry enough to do it in the first place. I would say something about the shit that I see at their home, but it's hard to get your point across when the mother does not speak very good English and always talks to everyone around me in Spanish. For one of the first times in my life, I cannot properly vent my anger at her family because staying on their good side is all part of my metagame. I'll go more into this in the future, as there are a few important details that I am intentionally leaving out. In short, I'm pissed and I can't bitch at them about it yet. My metagame tells me that any approach I take will end up in failure and it's futile to try and make a logical and coercive argument against them. This makes very sad.

(Her mother made her feel awful about a mistake, awful enough to make her cry. Her sister walks in a few minutes later saying in a sing-song voice, "You're an iiiiiidiooooot". I had to contain my anger not to fucking punch her out, or at least scream at her that her fucking sister needs hugs and understanding, not your cruel words. Just thinking about it makes me want to rage again.)

So in the end, I'm left with quite possibly the only girl I could ever stand being together with, maybe even marrying... and her family which I cannot retaliate against. It rocks... and it sucks. I'll have to keep most of my metagame to Melty Blood for a while until I can find a way to defeat this foe.

5th May 2008

5:07am: typing this up on my phone right now to see how this mobile LJ client works. since i put my two weeks notice in on last wednesday, i'll probably be posting a lot more from now on. once per week perhaps? more!? we'll see!

25th April 2008

12:59pm: I'm going back to making things! Last night, I had inspiration and began working on the song below. I didn't compose it, but it's one of those "Kirby mixes". Click here for one of the best mixes. Click below for my oldfag version.

Sinistar Dream Land

I also ordered a 49 key USB/MIDI keyboard so I can start really working on some musics. I will work at GoDaddy for at least a month longer, and then I get to be free until I hit up school. At this point, it's pretty frustrating, as I know relief from the working world is coming soon, but not soon enough. I have to tough it through my days at work. You may think I'm just a slacker, but when you're working for someone else, you begin to lose yourself. I'm no fan of that concept, so I shall break away for now.

My current work schedule has me working FRIDAY through MONDAY, 8:30 PM to 7 AM. 10 1/2 hour power shifts, 3 days off per week (Tues - Thurs). I really should make the effort to try to be on AIM more, except... I'll get into that another time. Now, I've gotta make sleep.

Oh right, I want to upload some stuff to the Rocking Grounds soon. Wait for it.

17th March 2008

1:16am: Choco vs. Brandino money match

TEN to FIVE end result, Choco's favor.

Choco's tournament results: 4th place, taken out by Brandino.


11th March 2008

6:30am: I haven't been posting much because, unlike in the past, I have a real life now! I have people I see daily instead of once a week, I don't live alone with anymore, and I find it hard to settle down and do some writing about my real life when... why would anyone really care about that? :D Sure, real life has its moments and those are blog-worthy, but I'd rather not inconvenience people with reading about what I did with my day, unless I believe people will find it very entertaining.

Real life stuff that IS awesome, however, is that I have that $100 money match in Melty Blood against Brandino. That's coming up this weekend. Not only that, but the sidebets for this money match have almost reached $1000. This is the biggest American money match in the history of Melty Blood, no joke. I intend to win the money match (to the point where I'm under the impression that I -know- I'll win if I work for it), and I also plan to go on to win the tournament for the game as well.

But no one here really plays Melty! So that's why I'm proud to announce that I am a Smash Bros. Brawl player. In Melee, my zoning and L-canceling was terrible. I got hit all day long. In Brawl, the dodging system has been completely reworked so that dodges don't put you in an irrecoverable status. This means multiple dodges and supreme mind games. Couple that with the fact that I'm using ZELDA of all people. I never use characters like Zelda in other games, but hey! I'm progressing really well. I check SmashBoards.com for any new Zelda info, and I notice that people... haven't found crap for her. I work something out in 5 minutes and they will probably take days/weeks/months to get this stuff written down.Tthe people who DO know (like myself) are probably keeping quiet to make the game more interesting. I approve of this approach. I considered spilling my secrets and getting applauded by scrubs, but.... nah. Let them do their thing. There will be a Brawl tourney at the tournament I'm attending this weekend, as well. Kekekeke.

While I'm gone this weekend, I will do my best to update LJ with the results of my tournaments. I'll also try to post my Brawl friend code soon, but I don't feel like getting it right now. Goodnight, friends!
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22nd February 2008

9:05am: What has CHOCO been doing, you ask? Life has been too damn busy lately. Too busy to post here, that is. So! I don't have work to talk about (same old thing), so apart from that, I'm still a Melty Blood maniac. Last weekend, I was in California for a tournament called West Toast X (10). To view the top 8 video, then click on the link below:


I, of course, go by Choco while playing this game. I managed to place 3rd in the tournament, higher than any other American Melty player (top two are Korean and Japanese players who are in America to study). Quite the achievement, and I can only get better from here!

Not much time to rest and prepare, though. In the middle of March, I'm heading to Atlanta for another Melty tournament being held at Final Round XI. Aside from the tournament, I have a $100 moneymatch with a Ciel player named Brandino/Brandon. This guy managed to win 1st place in teams and in singles at the Northeastern Championships 8 (NEC8), so I think it's time to challenge myself and make $100 bucks. Based on how much better I've gotten since NEC8, I am under the impression that my moneymatch will actually equal FREE BUX. We'll see.

21st January 2008

7:38am: I'm definitely thinking of typing up a real entry soon!

I have watched 230 episodes of One Piece. I bashed the show so much, but it is excellent.

10th November 2007

5:05pm: Life's great problem
I am currently having a gaming crisis.

Normally, I love playing RPGs, experiencing unique storylines, battle systems, etc. I also like playing adventure games, platformers, etc. But, I currently work 40 hours per week. This gives me 6-7 hours of free time after work to play games, clean up, run errands, etc.At this point, it's more fulfilling for me to play fighting games, puzzle games, first person shooters... basically, skill-based games. Things that with practice, I will be able to compete when it matters.

Unfortunately, though this is fulfilling, I do not get to play the RPGs I love, play retro games, and basically have fun. I feel like I'm forced to miss out on a lot of good stuff because of this. This makes me sad. I do not have a solution to this issue.

I am flying out to New York and traveling down to Philly for North Eastern Championships (NEC) 8. I will be competing in Arcana Heart, Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, and Soul Calibur 3. I have paid days off for this. I plan to do well in at least most of these tourneys. I've got HYPE, but I miss a good story D:

If there are typos on this post, it's because I'm typing this on my Eee PC :3 Check the link! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASUS_Eee_PC
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24th October 2007

12:36am: Hah hah hah! HAH! Hi. I don't post much anymore. I should fix that, except not much is happening aside from working, playing DAT HALO, and DAT ARCANA (Heart), and DAT WOW (yeah, I started playing again on a PvP server... and it's free for now, so!), and DAT MELTY (Blood).

But I still read posts almost every day! So keep posting, friends. You're doing a good job of it.

19th September 2007



9th September 2007

11:33pm: Daaaaang. Maybe this will convince you guys to start playing Melty Blood.

First off, get the latest version of game here: http://kindress.com/files/MBACb2.rar (1.7 gig file, contains ISO)

Unrar with WinRAR: http://rarsoft.com

Burn ISO to a DVD.

Install game.

Get patch here: http://e56.info/mbacwin/mbacwin.cgi?patch103


NETPLAY PROGRAM: http://www.meltybread.com/netplay/ - click on the latest date to get the latest patch. Unzip into MBACWIN directory. Play with people! It's fun!

Check this thread for more information: http://www.meltybread.com/forums/index.php?topic=541.0


27th August 2007

9:52am: Melty Blood: Act Cadenza version B2 at Evolution 2007
Back from Evolution world. Here's the breakdown of what happened Melty Blood-wise:

2vs2 Tournament (Players A fights A, B fights B, A fights B / B fights A if both sides win a match): Won first place with Q-Chu, a local player who single-handedly took us to grandfinals, where I took over and beat the challengers Veteru and Jamie.

$100 money match versus Leo, a West Coast Satsuki player. In a race to ten wins, beat him 10 to 5. Good shit.

$80 money match versus hdphnz, another West Coast Satsuki player. In a race to five, beat him 5 to 1. More good shit. I'm hoping for challenges from now on. I'm done issuing them for a bit.

Placed pretty low on the bracket in the Singles tournament, getting knocked out by Psylocke, who played a good game while I didn't know exactly how to deal with his Akiha rushing me down in the corner. I was placed in a hard bracket, with tournament winner Arlieth and 8th place Scott, who plays a real mean Ciel. I can't really complain, though. I've had some damn good stuff happen to me this weekend.

Good games to everyone. I have a fucking blast meeting west coast again, meeting east coast in person, and all the random people inbetween.


Then I get home, check my email, and my workplace is giving me a 13" Mac Book for a contest we were having. That's an $1100 item right there. WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. One of the most exciting weekends of my life. Nami, I don't think I'll need your OSX 10.2.8 install discs anymore :3
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17th August 2007

7:03am: I'm waiting at a bus stop here. ASU transit center. I'm waiting for the MEGABUS to arrive. It should have already been here. Taking a bus to Los Angeles for Melty competition. I have moneymatches to do! And a tournament to win! Yeah! Gonna take 'em down Denpa-style!

13th August 2007

4:05am: Next weekend: Megabus trip to Los Angeles to compete in a Melty Blood tournament (West Toast: Giant Attack G666)!

Weekend after that: Road trip to Las Vegas for Evolution 2007 for... another Melty Blood tournament! Not only that, but a $100 money match against Leo, West Coast's best Satsuki player and an $80 money match against hdphnz, another Satsuki player. Who do I play? Satsuki. Who just won Tougeki: Super Battle Opera(Japan's biggest arcade tournament)'s Melty Blood tourney? Denpa, another Satsuki player. THIS IS GONNA BE HOT, GUYZ.

30th July 2007

3:27am: Currently, I have no practice on one vs. one sexual encounters. I claim to know a lot by playing (sexual) theory fighter. I'm hoping it pays off in the end... and that it's not really the end.

26th July 2007

10:32pm: Well, I've been on edge for the past two days. Melty Blood: Act Cadenza version.B2 for PC was supposed to drop, say day before last. But Japan hates us and won't pirate the game for us :< I've preordered a legit copy, make no mistake. I just want the game -now- while my copy is in the post. Got the freaking limited edition version, too.

So, my life has been okay lately! I'm gearing up to change positions at my job (from phone support to... some form of email support), I'm hyped about the new version of Melty Blood, and my application for the house went through. Oh, yeah. Forgot to mention that earlier. Myself and a local friend put down about 1100 bucks for rent and deposits on a house. It has 1800 square feet inside, and a huge yard outside. I'm getting the master bedroom in exchange for taking care of the house's finances and bills (collection and such). My main beef with being in charge of a house has to do with taking care of the lawn. But you know what? The lawn and the back yard grass is dead. D-E-D DEAD. Welcome to Arizona.

And I have officially been here in AZ for over a year! \o/ Still liking it here. Still need to get a girlfriend, something I haven't been actively pursuing at all due to... well, not many people out here that I've been interested in or had a chance with. That could definitely change in the very near future, though. Got to start being more outgoing and likable now.

25th June 2007

1:05pm: Yes, keep staring at the user pic. Staaaaare.

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